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We start developing our products by printing out all of your ideas. There is a start and a finish to the development of that idea, which is completed without leaving the factory, because we have the necessary resources to provide our own supplies and the product does not have to leave our premises at any point of the process. Everything begins and ends in our hands, up to the time of delivery.

We replicate any type of natural wood, fantasy design or any image of your choice, offering a result suited to you. Our high-definition prints bring any part of your home to life, giving it a personal touch and a unique and welcoming feel. We can also decorate any area, place or thing that you can think of.

We create exclusive designs that will arouse all of your senses with Finish Foil finishes, especially designed for doors and door frames. Our products have many different applications, with a wide range of possibilities, reaching places that not all products can reach thanks to our in-house manufacturing. This starts with receiving the product order in our offices and ends with the final product, all without leaving the factory, just like a home-made product.

“Our brands”

We work with Finish Foil-based decorative paper, impregnated with aminoplast resins and a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly lacquer finish. Its modern design and the quality of the surfaces, combined with a wide variety of glosses, finishes and structures, make it perfect for coating all kinds of surfaces.


F. Foil

For flat surfaces.

FK. Foil

To apply both on flat surfaces and mouldings. Developed especially for the manufacture of doors and all of their accessories.

HD. Foil

High-definition and high-quality printing foil, perfect replicas of wood with gloss/matte visual contrast effects that make the foil seem genuine and natural.

T. Foil

Pre-impregnated for flat surfaces and mouldings. The most versatile product, suitable for flat surfaces and mouldings.


K. Foil

Counterbalance foil for application on the other sides of boards or as a priming foil for subsequent varnishing.


V. Foil

3D finish foil that offers an embossed surface finish (haptic), simulating the feel of natural wood.

M. Foil superflex

For mouldings.
We provide decorative paper, printed with water-based inks using our wide selection of gravure cylinders, to fulfil your most ambitious desires. Lamiprint has an extensive range of applications, offering decorative designs for all kinds of products, unique and custom-made to meet your requirements.

The quality of our ink is outstanding and, as it is organic, it is environmentally friendly. Various melamine and acrylic resins are applied during the manufacturing process, to ensure the highest possible quality in the final product.

We create designs to decorate any part of your home, floors, doors, windows, etc., and meet any decorative request you may have, offering replica wood and fantasy finishes and new designs.

Creating our own designs allows us to meet all of your needs and produce an exclusive product that follows the latest market trends.

We invite you to step into our world, a world of designs that are only comparable to nature itself. Come in and discover it for yourself.

We produce CPL melamine laminates in a variety of thicknesses and degrees of flexibility, depending on the end use of the product. They can also be made in different degrees of gloss and finishes, with a smooth surface or embossed, simulating the finish of natural wood or replicating other textures such as stone, leather, metal, etc.
Laminates for flat surfaces
PM_ Thick laminates for flat surfaces.
Thicknesses from 0.30 to 0.70 mm.
At thicknesses above 0.40 mm, they are supplied in sheets rather than reels.
Flexible laminates
L.S_Flexible laminates for covering mouldings.
Thickness: 0.10 mm.
Minimum bending radius: 1 mm.
LMT_Flexible laminates for covering mouldings.
Thickness: 0.15 mm.
Minimum bending radius: 1 mm.
Semi-flexible laminates
LFF_ Semi-flexible laminates for flat surfaces and mouldings.
Thickness: 0.15 mm.
Minimum bending radius: 2 mm.
LMP_ Semi-flexible laminates for flat surfaces and mouldings.
Thickness: 0.15 mm.
Minimum bending radius: 2 mm.
LMV_ Semi-flexible laminates for surfaces and mouldings.
Thickness: 0.20 mm.
Minimum bending radius: 2 mm.
LAMIEDGE is our product for covering edges and it is used to enhance the appearance of wood-based boards used for decoration and the furniture industry, with CPL lamination available. Its embossed finish feels nice to the touch and gives it a perfect visual effect.

Melamine edging_

Three-layered edging designed for melamine boards, following the exact same design, with a finish to suit your embossing, gloss and design needs, offering outstanding results.
Supplied in reels with thicknesses of 0.30 mm and 0.40 mm and of the same strength as the melamine board.


Consists of a single sheet of heavyweight paper, using a printing and impregnation process for any modern design that you may want.
Manufactured in different degrees of gloss and with various embossed finishes. Supplied in reels with a thickness of 0.30 mm.
With this type of edging the “speed” option is available, performed using faster digital printing.