“About us”

Our history

We took our first steps back in 1985, in the town of Castelldefels (Barcelona), in the year when the company “Novocant” was created. We entered the surface coating sector and initially only produced and sold synthetic edging, used to cover the sides of melamine boards.

Within the field of surface coating, our vision, ambition, desire and challenge of supplying an edging with the exact same design as a melamine board led to us carrying out market research to identify the needs of this product in the furniture industry. It was so well-received that we entered the market offering different levels of quality, finishes, flexibility and strengths, and became the leading manufacturer of double-layered edging in Spain.

Over time, with the sustained growth of our company, we decided to enter the field of decorative paper impregnation, embarking on a new project.

In 1990, we created a new firm inside the company called “Lamidecor”, which we set up in the town of Vinaròs (Castellón) and which would give its name to this new project.

We started by building a 10,000 m2 factory, which became the premises of the existing edging manufacturer “Novocant”, and the new company “Lamidecor”. We also acquired a gravure printing line, two impregnation lines and a laminate press.

As a company, we have always strived to be at the cutting edge of the latest technological advances, so we wanted to increase our range of services, opting to enter the world of digital printing, which has proved to be very popular with our customers.

Over all of these years, our experience has shown us that quality means much more than the quality of the product. Quality means training all of our staff, our customer care, our service, innovation, exclusivity and, ultimately, every tiny aspect of the work that our company does.

We have always been a creative and innovative company that fights to achieve its goals. We now have a new brand logo and we continue to strive to meet our big challenge, to continue to evolve day by day so that we can offer the best products with the highest quality, operating across national and international borders, making us internationally known as a leader within our sector.